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(Bev) Author, Editor, Publisher - Grew up in a suburban country-style area, parents divorced when young, all female home, moving to Adelaide city in teens, attended Business College then working in a corporate arena. Met life partner, Graham, from a business farming background, and challenges in learning to communicate in a male personal relationship. The path to co-authoring our website and eBooks with Graham has been all my life but focused 8 years ago with our website to share stories with humour to encourage and inspire. Motivation is an image of a person on a train or bus travelling home after a busy day or quietly sitting reading our book, a smile lights their face and Graham’s wonderful photos of the beauty of nature fill their heart with peace and hope for their dreams and their future. (Graham) Photographer, Author and Co-Publisher - From business farming background vineyards, cattle and earth moving, working outdoors in natural wildlife on a daily basis and a love of the ocean were all of an advantage when he picked up a camera to capture “moments” he saw in the early morning. Birds seem to “fly” in front of his camera to have their photo taken – some knocking off his cap!

Our Extraordinary Planet – Our Home

Like most people, we feel the pressure of climate change upon us … in the obvious changing weather patterns – extreme humidity, heat, our oceans and local beaches – more noticeable each year now – and highlighted through the media.  We quite rightly feel the impact and, while busy in our day of working and making the $ to keep everything going, an overriding sense of failure intrudes stealing the sense of peace we once felt … something needs to happen … we need change.  

Super Heroes … a voice speaking for kids

Spending time with Super Heroes – I had the privilege of spending time up close and personal with a team of great people and they didn’t wear a mask or fly around with a cape but are real life super heroes … front line confronting real life: drugs, alcohol, domestic violence … the dark side … they are the miracle speaking for the rights of kids who can’t speak for themselves … and all of us – we are the magic wand too!  Click here:-

DNA the “Life Molecule” – You are unique.

DNA the “Life Molecule” – We are all unique in a special one-of-a-kind way and by unlocking secrets of your inbuilt gifts and talents this is a roadmap for “where to next”. People can never take away who you are – it’s imprinted in your DNA – your very own unique physical and “spirit”ual code.   Click here:-

How to have a great relationship & publish an eBook!

YouTube:  Bev on a great relationship & why write with Graham’s photos, create a website and the road to publishing eBooks on YouTube Links below:-

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