Life has Moments of Perfection

Soaking up the sun streaming in the window - a time out
Soaking up the sun streaming in the window – a time out

Life has Moments of Perfection … pears for breakfast – this is one of them!

This story started in January 2017 with the journey completed today …

It takes patience, persistence and mental toughness to make it through the minefield of relationships.

The day to day grind of dealing with pressures:  emails; social media; competing priorities and deadlines and working with people with varied lifestyles, personal history and challenges which they bring into our world.  All of this can push against us and get on us by the end of the day and our work week where we can be in a place of disharmony with ourselves and our life pattern.  The people we love around us also share these challenges.

To brush this life grime from our hearts and minds takes a mental toughness and also reconnecting with each other – reconnecting with the love and the authentic inner ‘true’ people we are.  When Graham holds me and loves me it brings serenity, hope and peace and great joy in my heart.

It is a fight sometimes when in a conversation we misunderstand each other which is usually because we are rushing in a busy day … and we all know what that is like!  What he really means when he expresses himself to me can get lost in the differences in his personality and mine and how I receive and perceive it.  It takes patience to stop and listen and drill down into where he is coming from – what he is saying.  He will say, No, you don’t understand – a ‘miss-understand-ing’.  I have ‘missed’ what he is meaning.  His patience and care lead me away from the toughness and roughness which at times enters my day-to-day life.  We teamwork to brush this off me and also off him so we get to the true love and genuine caring we have for each other.

He has had to sit me down and talk, hold my hand, touch my heart and speak tough words at times to me to pull me back from the abyss of selfishness and closing myself off – shutting myself down which can come from the onslaught of daily life.  Times when I’m around ‘takers’ instead of those who give, uplift and are passionate and purposeful about what they do and where they are going – the ‘plus’ people.

When I work all different places as I do, I find to be with positive plus people is a wonderful time but if I’m around negative people – the takers (and we understand they have their history and reasons), I have to watch out they don’t steal my “happy” and it is the same challenge for Graham.

Graham and I share a sense of freedom and safety when we come together and hold each other – snuggle together – two hearts becoming one and, to me, there’s an immense joy and hope, peace and serenity which covers me and slowly the joy of truth and love washes away the dirt of …… the life journey.  At 4.00am before he gets up or before we go off to sleep at night he pushes out the aches in my hands and shoulders and neck and the ache in my heart from the bumps and bruises of encounters with some of the hard-hearted people in our world.  Sitting with our feet up or lounging on our daybed on a weekend soaking up the sun streaming in the window – a time out.  Sounds like we sit around a lot but we are busy people with busy lives and these time outs are pure gold and the essence of what keeps our love going back to the core of who we are – complete – one heart – in sync together.

A wonderful moment of perfection on a Sunday morning – I was so tired and enjoying sleeping in and Graham brought me warm, poached pears for breakfast – a moment of perfection where nothing was required but to enjoy.  Another time with vivid fuchsia pink roses especially selected after he ran the gauntlet of keen (semi-aggressive) shoppers buying them at the local Sunday markets – a beautiful surprise waiting for me as a I opened the fridge – unforgettable, magical moments.

All these are the treasures to top up the tank of hope, love and joy in our lives.  We can choose to turn away from the all too easy, quick response of irritation and instead walk deliberately towards pursuing a mindset of peace.

What we say and do is a mirror and reflects who we are – our heart.  What do we want to tell ourselves and share with those we love?

Vivid fuchsia pink roses ... a beautiful surprise
Vivid fuchsia pink roses … a beautiful surprise

Enjoy reading this treasure box filled with entertaining and inspiring stories on living life, loving and having fun times. Let us know what makes you “tick” and inspires and encourages you. We trust these true stories make you laugh and also touch your heart and Graham’s “a moment in time” photos give you an inside view of how he sees life through his “lens” and captures the beauty and magic around us every day which makes life worth living.